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About PaintedLight.com

Our family is pleased to offer the Christian paintings of Gaye Lynne LaGuire on the Internet. Since the publication of the first painting of Jesus as the Good Shepherd in the 1980′s, lithographs of Gaye Lynne’s work have been carried all over the world by missionaries. We have heard from many people these past 20 years who have told us how inspired they have been by her paintings, how reverent Jesus seems. Glowing, fresh color and the intimacy of Jesus’ personality are part of the strong appeal. Gaye Lynne’s efforts to reflect a Jesus tough enough to travel the biblical countryside, and to be of that ethnic descent makes Him believable for this generation of seekers. Her artwork may also be seen on greeting cards in local Christian bookstores.

About Gaye Lynne LaGuire

Gaye Lynne moved to California from Michigan in 1962 after graduating from the University of Michigan as a design major. She practiced portrait painting in Southern California and taught drawing at a nearby junior college. A recent relocation to the beach community of Carpinteria near Santa Barbara gave pause to consider what the next move in her art might be. Discovery that Carpinteria was Spanish for “place of the carpenters” gave rise to make distribution of Jesus’ paintings the focus of her art efforts. We are pleased that you have found us on the Web! We hope you enjoy browsing Gaye Lynne LaGuire’s wonderful art.

The art created by Gaye Lynne is dynamic as she prayerfully breathes life into each special piece. The breadth and scope of her artistic talents are revealed in her glorious portraits and landscapes as well as in her dramatic Christian masterpieces. The desire that each created work reflect the glory and redemptive love of our Savior is the result of her genuine walk with the Lord. This path has not only taken her over some marvelous mountain top experiences, but through some painfully deep valleys as well. Gaye Lynne has discovered the mystery of deep joy amidst genuine sorrow as the Lord has proved an ever faithful friend. Amazingly, the depth of her faith journey flows through her paints onto canvas resulting in extraordinarily meaningful artistic expression. It is my privilege to know her as a Christian, an Artist, a Teacher, and a Friend. – Linda J. Bradley