Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a Giclée?
  2. Why are Giclées so expensive?
  3. How much will my shipping cost?
  4. Do you sell Frames?
  1. What is a Giclee?
    A giclee on canvas is eminently suitable for public places, such as your church school, entryway, or pastor’s office.

    A giclee on canvas does not have to be glassed, and looks like an oil painting. The surface is hand treated to be durable, and industry technology and fade resistant inks. Giclees are not the same as a "canvas transfer" hich for years was sold as a cheap reproduction of oil paintings. A giclee, whether printed on artists watercolor paper or on canvas, is categorized as a "fine art print", and holds its value over time.

    Our prices are well below industry averages. Even though there may be for you an initial sticker shock, remember each giclee is a one-at-a-time labor intensive print. Each one is carefully controlled by the printer and the artist for quality. They hold up much the same as an original work of art.

    Giclee (pronounced Zhee-Clay) is a French phrase coined in the 17th Century. It refers to a technology brought forth by a machine called the Iris. The support material, such as paper or canvas is carefully attached to a spinning drum while infinitely small pixels of rich, vibrant archival inks are sprayed at a very high speed. This renders an amazingly smooth and consistent image, a Museum Quality Fine Art Reproduction.

  2. Why are Giclees so expensive?
    Giclees are the finest in printmaking quality; rich in color, resistant to UV and printed onto the finest paper or canvas. Because they hold their value over time, they are more expensive. They are usually sold in limited editions as well.

  3. How much will my shipping cost?
    Best to check the full information on the shipping page.

  4. Do You Sell Frames?
    We can suggest sources for easily obtainable frames in many styles and wholesale prices. A simple phone call can bring a frame to your door in a few days. Since the sizes of our prints are industry standard, you may find a user-friendly assembly. In some places may even ship custom mats for your giclees on paper.