For Such Is The Kingdom

For Such Is The Kingdom


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(Matthew 19:14) An image of Jesus with children. This image was influenced by one of my favorite early 20th century illustrations; Jesse Wilcox Smith. I was friends with a couple at church that had a large number of children and grandchildren. I was a frequent guest to their Sunday family dinners, and it was easy to conclude that here was an accessible collection of models. One of the Dads sat under a tree in the yard and told stories while children came and went. All I had to do was burn a roll or two of film, and put together the composition later. I’m enjoying thinking back on it now, especially Ethan, the little fellow looking at us from the foreground. He became one of my college students.

I decided to “push” the color in this painting as a departure closer to California Plein aire painting. I had noticed on a trip to Israel how similar the landscape is to Southern California where I live. Seen in the background is the Sea of Galilee from the vantage point of the Hill of the Beatitudes.


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